Ten Tips to Impress an Acquisitions Editor

Writers who are submitting work to magazine or book publishers want to make a good impression from the first contact. These ten tips will help you do just that.

  1. Target the market—make sure your work is a good fit with the publisher.
  2. Know the editor—verify her name and spell it correctly.
  3. Follow submission guidelines—your work may not even be reviewed if you don’t.
  4. When in doubt, find out—ask questions rather than do it wrong.
  5. Take your cue from the editor on formality and style—be businesslike and formal until the editor responds less formally.
  6. Tailor your pitch to the publication—let the editor know you are familiar with the magazine or book imprint.
  7. Respect the editor’s time—don’t expect them to chit-chat on the phone.
  8. Follow-up only after the response time has passed—response times are published to let you know how long to expect to wait to hear from the editor.
  9. Say thanks—everyone likes to be appreciated.
  10. Remember, editors are people too!
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