Show and Tell Exercises

In a recent post, I said writers should both show and tell in fiction.

I gave an example of re-writing narrative summary (telling) into an action scene (showing).

Now, it’s your turn. Select one or more of the narrative summaries below and re-write as an action scene. If you’d like feedback from me (and anyone who’d like to join in), post your scene in a comment.

1.  Thelma was very angry.  She told John she never wanted to see him again.  He had betrayed her once and she wouldn’t give him the chance to hurt her again.  She told him to pack his bags and be out of the house before she got home from work.

2.  Michael was determined to make the basketball team.  He practiced long hours every day, neglecting his homework and ignoring his friends.

3.  Melissa was frightened when she heard footsteps behind her.  She thought about the article she’d read in the morning paper about a serial rapist who had eluded police for weeks.

4.  Sue was an excellent cook and liked to create her own recipes.  She decided to come up with something special for her holiday party, and she experimented with a number of ideas before she found the perfect menu.

5.  Judy was a compulsive gossip.  Whenever she heard anything about any the neighbors, she considered it her duty to tell everyone else in the neighborhood. 

Join in by posting your action scene in a comment or giving feedback on scenes others post—or both.

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