Ten Tips to Impress an Editor after Acceptance

The last post covered ten tips to impress an acquisitions editor. Now, you have the assignment for a magazine article or your book has been accepted for publication. The following ten tips will help you impress the editor for the project.

  1. Meet deadlines—submitting work early is even better.
  2. Self-edit—give the editor the cleanest manuscript you can so she can focus on making a great work even better instead of correcting errors.
  3. Follow house style—your style preferences aren’t important; a consistent style is important to the publication.
  4. Share a common goal—you both want to produce an article or book that readers love.
  5. Accept critiques and advice gracefully—the editor sees your work from a different perspective; even if you don’t agree with everything she says, respect her position and opinion.
  6. Make revisions pleasantly—no writer likes to make changes, but all have to do it; being unpleasant only makes revisions more difficult.
  7. Stand up for your work when important—if you truly believe the change the editor asks for will make your story or article worse, politely and firmly explain your position and ask the editor to reconsider.
  8. Collaborate—work together with your editor to leverage your individual talents and skills to produce the best work possible.
  9. Say thanks—everyone likes to be appreciated.
  10. Remember, editors are people too!
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