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Thank youThanks to the 128 December commenters, and thanks to those who read without commenting. I appreciate you all.

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Wilson, Will You Mind

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shellywagar, Women’s Boots

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Andrew, Good Honest Dollar
Bluestocking, The Bluestocking Guide
Mihaela (Mig) Lica, Online Public Relations
Morgan Mandel
Justin, East Coast Airsoft
Matt Keegan, Matt’s Musings

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Alina Popescu, Words of a Broken Mirror
Ana, Dating Better
Chris, Bible Knowledge Bookstore
geek05, Third World Geek
Jana, Go Articles Make Money Business
Jeff, Bratwurst Recipes
Karen Swim, Words for Hire
Lance, Ryan P.A. Johnson
Renae, Morning Coffee
tam, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Aaron, Best Baby Strollers
ajay, Dayspring Center
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Amar Shah, Limotek
Andrew, Growing Hair Tips
Annabel, Forex Book
Arman, Mobility and Accessibility
Arno, HR CV Ketles
Ben, My Shiny Things
Betsy Wuebker, Passing Thru
Bill, Wear Your Beer
Bowel Cancer Symptoms
Canon Camera Reviews
Cath Lawson
Charles, BEL Signs
Charlotte Phillips, Char’s Book Reviews
Chelle, Talk Rehab
Christopher T, Yacht and Boats
Clayton, Emily Wynne-Hughes
Dan, Golf Gear Select
Dan Hansen, Baseball Tickets
Daniel Molano
Darlenvennita, Printers Search
David, Grow Thicker Hair
David James, Prevent Hair Loss
ed hardy, Danger Style
Eric, Artist Radio Online
Eric, Donate a Car to Charity
Eric, Trillion Stars
Erik, Taylor Vaifanua
File Lock, New Software’s Professionals
Free PC Software
Gary Sims, Gary’s Bible Notes
Golf Irons, Pro Golf Shot
Greg, Pet Vet Insurance
Gro Geschenke, Geschenkewunder
Guffin Mopes
Huang, Chinese Weight Loss Tea Information
Ian, Portent Interactive
Ian, Seattle SealWize
indian call center
International Shipping, Gem Relocations
JC, PopDirt
Jerry, How to Have a Baby Boy or Girl
Jerry, Mogo Media
Jim, Meyerson & O’Neill Law Firm
Jim, Rose Pest Control
Jo DeVizes, Your Power 2 Be
John, Best Priced Furniture
John, Cheap Flash Drives
John, Maternal America
Juan, Audio Radio Online
Judith, Ravendale House
Kaiser, Obama Speeches
KDL-46XBR8 TV Store
Kevin, Trees Buy
Khaye, Melting Chocolate
Lauren, Women’s Divorces
Lena, Supergaver
Lilla, Social Media Helper
Linda, Strategic Market Segmentation
Lindsay, Writing for Your Wealth
Lisa, Woodbury Commons
Liver Cancer Symptoms
loan modifications dude, Loan Advocacy Group
Major, eLocal Plumbers
Marcus, Business Supply Blog
Mark, Hair Growth Pills
Mark, Luxury Rentals
Mark, Shampoo for Hair Loss
Matthew, Franklin Pest Solutions
Melbel, Melbel’s Post a Thought
Mercenary Blogger
Mo, Free G-1 Phone
Neumidides, Play It on the Web
new home guide, Casa Nueva
Noni Juice Goodness
Olter David, Olter Ego
Online Marketing Firm, The Outsourcing Company
Pariu Combinant, Parior
Pat, West Florida Components
Phoenix, Community Gift Ideas
Randi Reese, Baby Cribs and Toddler Beds
Regu, RecycleINMe
Richard, Littman Bros
Robert Hruzek, Middle Zone Musings
Ruri, Relationships Articles
Salihu, Vitamins Well
Santa Cruz Day Care, Auntie Wendi’s Day Care
SEO Tool Book, Internet Marketing
seowoman, Deniska
Shirazi, Light Within
snv, Astada
Stan, Free iPods Etc
Stanley, Hidensneek
Steve, Stop Sweating Reviews
Taylor, Skolnik Steel Containers
Tess, Woga Gartenpavilloon
Tina, Tina Fountain Realtors
Toldo, Handi-Ramp

Van, World Net Long Distance
Vanessa, The Yellow Brick Road
web design, Indianapolis SEO
Women’s News Journal

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