Blog Book Tour This Week

After my recent three-week blog book tour, I decided I would make shorter tours in the future. This week, I’m taking a short tour with four stops. I hope you will visit the host blogs and comment. It’s a lot of work for a blogger to host a blog book tour stop, and I want my hosts to know they are appreciated.

The stops on this tour are at blogs that don’t focus primarily on books and writing. I’m excited about the opportunity to reach new readers through these blogs.

  • Tuesday, December 2
    • Father Jerry’s Jottings
    • Guest post: Starting a Blog
  • Wednesday, December 3
  • Thursday, December 4
    • Light Within
    • Guest post: Writing a Mystery: Dream or Destiny
  • Friday, December 5
    • Father Jerry’s Jottings
    • Guest post: Blogging for Beginners

I hope to see you at each of these tour stops.

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