So You Want to Become a Freelance Writer? Part 1: Learning about the Business

Some time ago, I received an e-mail from a reader who asked:

I would love any advice that you could give me, or someone like me, for getting started on a career in writing after many years of doing other things.

Recently, a mutual acquaintance referred a lady who wants to start a freelance writing business to me.

I responded to the first person in e-mail and spoke to the second on the phone. However, other readers may be trying to start a writing career and others are new to freelancing so I’m sharing my advice in this series.

First, learn something about the world of freelancing. You shouldn’t wait until you know everything – that will never happen. But it’s a good idea to read what other freelancers have to say as well as to look into options for finding work.

In this first installment in the series, I will list a number of resources for freelancers. If you have other recommendations, please let me know in comments so I can add them to the list. Note that these are resources that offer a significant amount of advice and information on freelancing as a business, not those primarily offering wrting and publishing advice. Freelance job sites will be listed in a future post.

In future installments, I’ll talk about deciding what kind of freelancing you will do, using a blog to build your business, and finding freelance jobs. If you have questions you would like covered or suggestions of ideas and sites to include, please comment.

To read posts on my blog that relate to freelancing, go to the Series and Related Posts page and read posts in the following categories depending on the kind of writing or editing you would like to do:

  • Client Relationships
  • Editing
  • Freelance Writing and Editing Rates
  • News Releases
  • Resources for Writers
  • Sources of Freelance Business
  • Writing and Self-Editing

Blogs and Web sites by and for Freelancers:

In the next installment, we’ll look at your freelance options.

Part 2 

Part 3

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