Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

My late husband was a Master Peace Officer in the State of Texas. Although most of his time in law enforcement was volunteer work, he achieved the highest level of certification for peace officers. I have always appreciated law enforcement officers, but after his experiences showed me more about the work and the fine men and women who do it, my appreciation grew.

We hear about the occasional police officer who uses poor judgment or who actually does wrong, but we don’t often hear about the vast majority of officers who do far more to protect and serve than most of us ever realize. From comforting an accident victim to sharing a meal with a homeless man to helping an elderly couple walk home safely, law enforcement personnel perform acts of kindness in addition to facing danger and making personal sacrifices on a daily basis.

Today, on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, I say “thank you” to the people who risk their lives every day to keep us safe and to bring criminals to justice.

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