I’m a Lily

One of my Facebook friends posted What flower are you? When I saw there were only nine questions, I took the quiz. And guess what? I’m a lily!

You are artsy and elegant. Your imagination allows you to place yourself in other people’s shoes, which allows you to easily understand and sympathize with those around you.

I don’t know about the “artsy and elegant” part, but the rest of the description rings true.

Growing up and through college, I always went by Lillian. Sometimes my family called me by my full name, Lillian Ann—Lillian for my paternal grandmother and Ann for my mother. Those two were loving, kind, and wise ladies, so I have always been proud of my name.

After Jack and I had been dating a while, he started calling me Lillie. Soon just about everyone else started doing the same. Although some of my family still call me Lillian, most people think Lillie is my given name.

Jack spelled my nickname Lillie. Years later, he said he wished he’d spelled it Lily. Now, this quiz tells me I’m a lily.

And of all the lilies, the Easter lily is particularly significant. According to Aggie Horticulture:

For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life – the spiritual essence of Easter.

History, mythology, literature, poetry and the world of art are rife with stories and images that speak of the beauty and majesty of the elegant white flowers. Dating back to Biblical lore, the lily is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. …

Often called the “white-robed apostles of hope,” lilies were found growing in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ’s agony. Tradition has it that the beautiful white lilies sprung up where drops of Christ’s sweat fell to the ground in his final hours of sorrow and deep distress. Churches continue this tradition at Easter time by banking their alters and surrounding their crosses with masses of Easter Lilies, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hope of life everlasting.

Image from Wikipedia

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