National Authors’ Day and My First Newspaper Column

StorytellingToday is National Authors’ Day, a day set aside to honor authors and thank them for the pleasure, information, and inspiration they bring us. It’s a great time to send a note or make a social media connection to let your favorite author know how much you appreciate his or her books.

This is also a good day to share something I’m excited about. I’ve mentioned that my sister and I have opened Lil Country Store, a combination convenience store and gift shop. We had a storytelling at our grand opening, and I’ll be telling stories at our Halloween event tomorrow.

During our first storytelling event, a member of the audience said, “You should have a column in the newspaper for your stories.”

The idea intrigued me, and I contacted the newspaper that serves the three communities near the store. The editor accepted my proposal and will be running one of my stories once a month. The first story appeared in yesterday’s edition. You have to be a subscriber to the paper to access it online, but you can read the opening of the story on the website of the Frio-Nueces Current. I’m having a lot of fun in my redneck persona in person and in print!

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