Thank You, EPIC!

I was surprised and honored to receive the Patricia Lucas White Service Award for 2012 from EPIC, the Electronically Published Industry Coalition.

The award was presented March 17 at EPICon at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio. I was thrilled to be at the luncheon because I had been sick for most of the week before. Unfortunately, I had a relapse and spent most of last week in bed, so I’m late in sharing my excitement about the award (as I’ve been late in moderating and responding to comments here—fortunately I had posts scheduled).

The award is named for a founding member and tireless volunteer for EPIC. Pat White passed away in 2009, but this award honors her memory. It is given for continuing contributions to the organization over a number of years. My nomination for the award recognized my role in establishing the New Voices Young Writers Competition. Six years later, New Voices drew hundreds of entries from teen writers around the world and is one of the EPIC’s most important programs. In addition, I have served as a judge for both New Voices and the EPIC Awards for many years.

Thanks to EPIC and to the members who voted for me to receive this award. I am deeply honored.

I have never served in a leadership role in the organization. If you think that your accomplishments aren’t valuable because you don’t hold an important position or stand in the limelight, remember this: What you do—big or small, on the stage or in the background—makes a difference!

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