September is a Busy Month

CalendarTake a look at any calendar of events that lists the special days and months, and you’ll discover that September is a very busy month.

In addition to several special days that I will recognize when they occur, September is the “National X Month” or “World Y Month” for a number of causes and activities.

Three of these national/world months have special meaning for me:

  • National Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month: Now I have to admit that most people are kind to this writer/editor, and I appreciate their kindness. However, this is a good opportunity for me to say thank you to the writers and editors in my life. I would like to publicly thank all the writers who are my clients. Each one is talented and delightful to work with. I also want to publicly thank all the writers whose works I love to read. You can find great writers and great books in my reviews on Goodreads. Thanks to my many friends, both online and offline, who are writers and editors. I learn from them and share the ups and downs of the publishing world with them. Happy “Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month” to every writer and editor!
  • International Update Your Resume Month: Career  Directors International, an organization for professionals in career services, sponsors this event. With the current economy and the latest job report showing new jobs aren’t being created, an effective resume is more important than ever. If you’ve lost your job or just entering the labor market, the need is obvious. However, even if you are employed today, you may face job loss tomorrow, or you may encounter an opportunity for a move upward. In either case, you don’t want to be caught unprepared—always have your resume ready to present to an employer. Even if you’re a freelancer, your resume is an excellent marketing tool, so everyone can benefit from learning how to how to write an interview-winning resume
  • World Alzheimer’s Month: I’ve written before about my experiences as a caregiver for my father and another family member with Alzheimer’s. My associate Beverly Ellison has written here about caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s as well as sharing Alzheimer’s do’s and don’ts. I certainly have good memories of my father in the early stages of the disease, but I have also had painful experiences when people made fun of my loved ones or were ugly to them because the people didn’t understand Alzheimer’s. My dream, of course, is for the eradication of this disease—or at least effective treatment, and there is hope for the future. But for the present and immediate future, my dream is that the public will treat those who have this disease with respect and courtesy. My sister, a social worker who works with Alzheimer’s patients, has written a wonderful little book for caregivers. Help! What Do I Do Now?: Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s just won the Parenting/Family – Nonfiction category of the Global eBook Awards. This short, easy-to-read book is great not only for caregivers but also for anyone who knows an Alzheimer’s patient or anyone who wants to have a better understanding of how the disease affects those who have it and those who care for them.

September is National Chicken Month, National Coupon Month, National Self Improvement Month, and about four dozen other national months. But the three I’ve highlighted above merit special attention, and I hope you will take action as you find appropriate.

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