Why I Love to Read on an E-Reader

I recently got a new, latest generation Kindle, and I really love it. It’s the smallest and lightest e-reader I’ve seen. I’ve had a Kindle since 2008, but I’ve been reading on an e-reader since 1999. I bought a Rocket eBook Reader, the very first e-reader, when it first came out, close in time to the time my first book, the contemporary romance Stroke of Luck, was released as an ebook.

I’ve read very few print books since then, and the last print book I read was years ago. I always hated to read hard cover books, but even paperbacks are difficult for me to hold and the font size in most paperbacks is too small for me to read. I love being able to adjust the font as large as I want it, and holding my light, small Kindle is much easier on arthritic hands than a “real” book. I’ve never had any particular affinity for the “smell” of a book or the “feel” of a book, so I don’t miss those esoteric features that many readers seem to find as exciting as what they read.

I have several paperbacks that I bought at booksignings with every intention of reading them, but I’ve finally admitted that I will probably never again read in print.

I realize not everyone has the physical limitations that make an e-reader better for me, but there are other advantages as well.

  • I can buy several ebooks for every print book because of the difference in price, unless I’m buying from the clueless Big 6 publishers who grossly overcharge for their ebooks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ebooks from indie author/publishers and small e-publishers are usually priced much less than paperbacks.
  • I can carry a whole library with me. I don’t travel much, but when I did, I loved carrying all the books I wanted to read on a trip in the palm of my hand. Now I just like having instant access to a variety of reading material at home or in the doctor’s waiting room or wherever I go. I have 100+ books to read on my Kindle, and it’s easier to stick in the side pocket of my purse and carry with me than a single paperback.
  • Searching for a place in the book is easier electronically than flipping through pages trying to find it. The notes I take are neater and easier to read than handwritten notes, and I can electronically highlight and bookmark as much as I want.
  • I can store all the books I want without taking up any shelf spaceโ€”and without having to dust them. ๐Ÿ™‚

I encourage my clients to make their books available in both print and electronic formats. If you prefer print, I want you to be able to read and enjoy my books and my client’s books. If I prefer ebooks, I want to be able to read and enjoy all the books I choose. We should each be able to read the way we prefer.

Disclosure: I bought both of my Kindles. The Amazon.com links are affiliate links.

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