Congratulations to My Client James Doughty

Congratulations to James Doughty, author of Some Monument to Last: Memoir of TV Journalist James Munoz with Family Poems and Letters. I was privileged to work with James to publish his book.

James, a reporter with KENS-5 TV in San Antonio, uses the name Muñoz (his mother’s maiden name) on the air to honor his maternal family and Hispanic heritage and the name Doughty (his surname) in private life to honor his father and his paternal family’s legacy.

Recently he received the 2010 TRIO National Achiever Award. In high school, James participated in Upward Bound, one of TRIO’s programs to help disadvantaged students prepare for and succeed in college. He says that he would never have attended Texas Tech without Upward Bound and would never have graduated without the support and encouragement of TRIO.

Since then, he has actively supported TRIO in every city where he has worked. He serves as a motivational speaker  for low-income, first-generation college students and has spoken to students about the process or writing and publishing his book.

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