Author Interview: Aundrea Hernandez

Journal_Cover_WebMy guest today is Aundrea Hernandez. I met Aundrea through Patricia Eytcheson Taylor and Chaplain James Taylor. Aundrea did the illustrations for the book On the Wings of the Wind and created the cover for the book. I was so impressed that I have referred several of my clients to her for book covers. Aundrea created the gorgeous cover of Dream or Destiny and also designed the header for my blog, both of which have generated many compliments for me.

 Now Aundrea has written and published a book—Journal: Intimate Writings of a Relationship with God, which I talked about in a previous post.

Lillie: Welcome to A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye, Aundrea. Since I knew you first through your artwork, I’d like you to tell my readers how you got into art, what kinds of work you have done, and what you do now.

Aundrea: Hi Lillie, it’s very nice to be here. Well, as far back as I can remember, I have loved to draw. It’s my gift from the Lord. I won my first art competition when I was in the fourth grade—it came as a bit of a surprise. I took art classes when I entered high school as friends encouraged me, saying it would be an easy “A”. I didn’t take it seriously, though, until a stranger approached me during a really difficult time in my life and encouraged me to go back to school. This person became a dear close friend and the inspiration that led me to be the first in my family to go to college. She’s the reason I now do what I love. I was recruited just before my senior year of college to work for a local toy company. After six years with that company, I left to start my own freelance design and illustration service for ministries and small businesses. That’s what I do now.

Lillie: Several people have asked me if you were available to design headers or do other graphic design work for them. For a while you couldn’t take on any more work. Are you available for new work now?

Aundrea: Yes. My daughter Kierstin, known as K, now helps out with our small family design business since graduating high school last year. We’ve been able to serve more people now than before. She’s a very gifted designer and writer—I’m proud to have her working beside me.

Lillie: I’ve seen K’s work, and you certainly should be proud of her. I know your faith is very important to you. How did you become a Christian and how did your life change as a result?

Aundrea: I was re-introduced to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through a co-worker at the toy company. She invited us to church one Sunday and after a few weeks of attending with her, I re-dedicated my life to Christ. My daughter, K, gave her life to Christ shortly after that. My very first encounter with my Lord, was at the age of twelve, in a little one-room Baptist church house in the country. I talk more about that experience in the book.

Lillie: How did the book come about?

Aundrea: It’s a very interesting story, one only the Lord could write. I never intended to write this book—the book I first began was a children’s book. But after a couple of rejection letters, I sat down and re-evaluated things. I remembered hearing that an author should write what they know. Well, what I knew most about was my personal walk with my Father. I would often send out e-mail praise reports to friends and family of how the Lord faithfully answered our prayers; they were more like short stories. Several of my friends would write back saying I should write a book. That’s when I started this book. Only three pages into it, and a few months later, I called the prayer line to pray for someone. Before I hung up, the gentleman on the other end told me the Lord had a Word for me. He told me that the Lord said I would write a book and it will bless many, many people. I broke into tears. How could he know this? I never said anything. He told me the Lord was only confirming what He had already put in my heart to do. That Word forever changed our lives.

 Lillie: That is a powerful testimony, Aundrea. Share with readers what they will find in the book.

Aundrea: This is simply one believer’s story—my intimate, personal spiritual journal, full of testimonies of the Father’s faithfulness, my dreams, some my daughter’s inspirational poetry, revelations, and tragedies the Lord has helped us to overcome. You vividly see how Father God has held our hand through it all and is guiding us into His perfect Will.  It’s how the Lord has moved in one single mother’s life.

Lillie: Tell us about your family and what they think of your writing.

Aundrea: Mom and Dad are proud. Both are artists in their own right, but both gave up on their dreams. So, they are proud of K and me and support us. 

Lillie: It’s great to have supportive family. Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

Aundrea: To learn about or order Journal, they can visit my Web site One Ordinary Believer. To see samples of my artwork, they can visit Oracle Design. Each Web site also has a short bio and contact information.

Lillie: Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your faith and your work with my readers. I’m sure they will have more questions. Will you check in during the day to respond to comments and answer questions?

Aundrea: Thank you for having me! We will definitely be checking in to answer any questions your readers may have.


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Bio: Aundrea Hernandez was born in San Antonio, Texas. She attended both the San Antonio Art Institute and San Antonio College, majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design, and began her design career working for a local toy company. Aundrea now freelances full-time from her home in the Texas Hill Country, where she resides with her daughter “K.” Aundrea is also the author of the book Journal: Intimate Writings of a Relationship with God, available from Samples of her graphic design work can be seen at

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