Journal: Intimate Writings of a Relationship with God

Journal_Cover_WebRecently I had the privilege of working with Aundrea Hernandez to edit Journal: Intimate Writings of a Relationship with God.

This was an unusual project because while Aundrea wanted to produce a quality book to honor the Lord, she also wanted it be remain a spiritual journal. The book is filled with raw emotion and spirituality, and Aundrea didn’t want to lose that. She didn’t want readers to stumble over misspelled words or confusing sentence structure, but she did want her journal to read like the outpourings of the heart of a believer, which is exactly what it is. She even designed the book to look like a well-used, handwritten personal journal.

You can read a sample journal entry to get a feel for what the book is like. If you enjoy the sample, you’ll want to order an autographed copy at One Ordinary Believer.

Aundrea will be my guest here at A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye on Wednesday. Be sure to come back and hear her story of how the book came to be.

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