I Still Don’t Talk to Keywords

yournameA few months ago, I instituted a new comment policy: No Name, No CommentIf you leave a comment without a name or nickname that I can recognize as a person, the comment will be marked spam.

I’m posting this reminder because recently I’ve had a spate of relevant comments that I would really like to approve—except they were left by keywords instead of people. I just can’t carry on a conversation with Cheap Toilet Seats, Acne Cure, or Wedding Favors.

KeywordLuv allows you to include keyword text with your name. Please use your name (at least your first name or a nickname recognizable as a person). If you wish to include a keyword, insert @Keyword after your name, for example Joe@Cheap Toilet Seats. KeywordLuv will separate your name and keyword; the comment in this example would show as Joe from Cheap Toilet Seats, and Cheap Toilet Seats would be a hyperlink.

Apologies to my regular readers for bringing this up again, but the number of comments I’m marking spam indicates there’s a need for a reminder. I appreciate relevant comments and hate to send good comments to spam.

On the other hand, I will continue to mark as spam comments that aren’t relevant, such as  “I appreciate all your points” (on an Advent prayer) and “I’ve looked all over the Internet to find the answer to my question and this is the only place I found it” (with the exact words left on half a dozen unrelated posts).

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