A Visit with Miss Guided

Lillie: Some very interesting and talented guests have visited this blog, but never before have we entertained an … oh, I’ll let our guest tell you that. Welcome to A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye, Miss Guided.

Miss Guided: Why, thank you, Miss Lillie. This time-traveling tutor is thrilled to take time to talk to you about this time-travel thriller.

Lillie: You look and talk differently than anyone I’ve ever met before. Just who or what are you really?

Miss Guided: My marvelous, meek mortal, Miss Lillie, if I perhaps present to you my personal purpose on this planet and impart to you, a Heaven-loved human, what I truly am, the secret stays between us?”

Lillie: Of course, Miss Guided. I’ll keep this between us and a few blog friends.

Miss Guided: Well, Miss Lillie, I am just another created consciousness known in the Heavens as a direct-contact angel on assignment as a human in the guise of a Southern governess to tickle and teach my mortal man, whose name is Matt McCain.

Lillie: How did you get the name Miss Guided?

Miss Guided: My Satan-slaying senior Sir Gabe says I am his favorite angel of joy and that when I am on assignment I’m able to use any appellation that tickles this mirthful marm so I chose the moniker Miss Guided.

Lillie: Who is Matt McCain?

Miss Guided: My new man Matthew is another son of Adam, and this angel is elated to have such an adroit charge. Allow me to recite an example. The Divine Creator wondered if Eve’s offspring would notice the delicacy of oranges already put into nice bite-size sections before they were skinned, and my man Matt marveled at the mystery and determined it must be divine intervention.

Lillie: And why are you helping him?

Miss Guided: I am helping him because my fiend-fighting foreman Sir Gabe, the head of the heavenly host, assigned his favorite glad guardian to strive to help my charge to re-acquire their fine family ranch while stopping him from smacking his toe on a stone.

You see, Miss Lillie, Matthew McCain was a very mistreated mortal. He is raging over a sadistic assault with an enlarging looking glass, which destroyed his vision. I must say, it was the loathsome Lucifer and his human Cypher servants at their wickedest.

But Miss Lillie, I’m sure our worthy Master permitted the black angel’s aggression because it can be the McCain family’s key to redemption, though it will take Matt’s pains and purposefulness to procure it.

Lillie: Who is Juan?

Miss Guided: Juan is an orphan that came from one of sick Cypher’s sad orphanages in Mexico. This is where Satan’s servant Cypher stocked and supplied all his cheap labor. Juan got his name Kicker after I snatched him with my man Matt from Cypher and sent them to Master Murphy’s to learn martial fighting facilities. I did this to prepare them for their trip through time to take down Cypher’s antecedents. I must say, Miss Lillie, Kicker can kick really cool!

Lillie: Who are the Cyphers? How did they get to be so rich and powerful?

Miss Guided: My aforementioned man was Matt’s great grandfather Lucas McCain. I’m embarrassed to say. but I was slightly misdirected as my man McCain sat down to a game of stud with John Cypher and was swindled by Cypher’s forbearer out of his lavish lands and loads of Longhorns.

You see, Miss Lillie, John Cypher openly used slave labor in his silver mines. As slavery became unacceptable to society, with the McCain stake John Cypher stealthily opened a number of manual work farms in Mexico. Here he had an endless supply of the destitute. The devious man’s descendants continued to swell the business through card cheating, political manipulations, and financial influences.

Lillie: Let get off this topic of evil for a minute. What does it mean to travel outside of time?

Miss Guided: Well, Miss Lillie, I’ll elucidate as clearly as I know how. Outside of time is from where the Lord of Lords reigns. It’s where every day is existing now. Beginning with the devouring of the fruit in the Garden of Eden to the return of the King of Kings on His white stallion, outside of time is where a second is as a thousand years and a thousand years is but a jiffy. That is why your Creator can consider what everyone is doing at all times. First grade arithmetic will tell you His Majesty has a thousand years of seconds to note your meaningful one second prayer. And if my mental math is proper, that is 525,600,000 minutes to listen to you. That, Miss Lillie, is why this century and that one ahead of us are no longer separated by time. They are both the existing, the present, the now.

However, Miss Lillie, I was warned strongly by Sir Gabe that retroaction to a past period is sporadically permitted. The chances for unforeseen consequences are profoundly probable so I was pleased that my chief cherub permitted me to pursue this precarious path.

Lillie: What will Matt and Kicker be doing back in the past?

Miss Guided: Well, of course Kicker likes to put fast-flying feet in his foe’s faces while my man Matt must match wits with the worst gamblers of the Old West—Wild Bill Hickok; that sick psychopath Doc Holliday; and the most feared cheater of all, S. W. Erdnase. My charge must carry out this to win enough cash and coin to procure a place at the table with the cheating John Cypher.

Richard Turner, The Cheat

Lillie: I know our readers are eager to hear more about this game, but we don’t want to give away the whole story. Tell me about Richard Turner, The Cheat, and why he came to tell your story in the book Re-Deal.

Miss Guided: Well, Miss Lillie, it goes like this. Mr. Cheat was asked many times to pen his pursuit and perils to become a world-class card mechanic despite his vision loss. He even had past proposals to play a part in a moving picture about his life, but instead he penned this time-travel thriller to tell his story.

Lillie: Where can readers learn more or buy a copy of Re-Deal?

Miss Guided: Oh Miss Lillie, it’s very simple. You see, to get a personally signed copy with one of Mr. Cheat’s special decks of cards,  just go to RichardTurner52.com.


Lillie: Thank you, Miss Guided. This has been a fun interview—my first with an angel and perhaps the wittiest answers I’ve ever had to interview questions. Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

Miss Guided: If your fans or family want a fun story filled with fighting foes with an inspiring message, feel free to find a copy of Re-Deal: A Time Travel Thriller for all your favorite friends.

Lillie: We’ve shown a picture of the book cover and a picture of the author. Did you by chance bring a photo of yourself to show our readers?

Miss Guided: Will this stay just between us?

Lillie: Just like the secret of who you are—just you, me, and a few readers.

Miss Guided: Well,  Miss Lillie, I’m sure you know that cameras can’t capture created consciousness. But  I did endeavor to engage a picture of my mortal man Matt and myself in the form of a fragile female as a little town tutor. I’m particularly partial to this particular picture.

Lillie: That’s lovely, Miss Guided. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your human form.

Miss Guided has promised to come back during the day and bring the author, Richard Turner, The Cheat, with her. Leave your questions and comments for Richard and Miss Guided, and they will respond as soon as they can.

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