500 Posts … Now What?

500Welcome to Post #500 here at A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye. Since I started blogging in June 2006, my goal has been to post three times a week. However, my actual schedule isn’t quite so structured. A glance through the archives shows that I’ve written as few as six and as many as twenty-seven posts in a month.

My goal continues to be three posts a week. I’ll post less when I’ve swamped with work and more when timely events dictate.

I don’t really know how many comments I’ve had. When I moved my blog, I lost all nested comments, which were typically my responses. The number shown in Liz’s Comment Count Badge is what is here now; hundreds of comments just disappeared into cyberspace.

When I saw Brad Shorr and Luke Gedeon reach 100 comments on a single post, I wondered if I would ever reach that milestone. In looking back in the archives, I discovered a post with 111 comments, ironically on the post that announced my blog was back from the move.

In my first post, I said I would be writing about projects I’m working on, giving writing and editing advice, and sharing information about electronic and small press publishing. Those are still important topics, but I’ve added others. I’ve written far more about my own life and my own faith than I expected to when I started.

Recently, I’ve started hosting authors, and I’m looking forward to having an author visit about once a month. I’ve written a number of series and aim for a series every month or so.

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