New Review for Dream or Destiny

Dream or Destiny has been reviewed through Nothing Binding’s book review program. You can read the complete review at Nothing Binding, but here is a snippet:

Lillie Ammann has written a fantastic book that really reaches out to you and pulls you in. I felt like the main characters were great friends of mine, and I really related well to them. The story line was wonderful, and kept me guessing throughtout the entire book. …  I also really enjoyed the fact that religion was involved in this story. I’ve noticed that many authors stray away from religion in order to keep readers interested in their work and to not offend anyone. I was pleased that this author included references to God and used it in a way that a reader wouldn’t be bothered by it, religious or not.

You will find excerpts from a number of reviews of Dream or Destiny on the review page. I appreciate the positive reviews the book has received.

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