Guest Post Follow-Up

At the beginning of June, I let you know that I had written a guest post at John Hewitt’s Poewar: Writer’s Resource Center.

Today, I learned I had won the prize in John’s guest post contest.

 In his announcement at  John wrote:

 … we had a very clear winner for the contest. The average article received about 500 direct page views in the seven days that followed publication. Almost every article stayed within 100 hits of that figure, one way or the other. Lillie Ammann’s article, however, received almost 14,000 hits the first week. That same article went on to rack up 29,000 hits after 30 days.

How did that happen? StumbleUpon. The article was well-reviewed by the people on StumbleUpon, and good reviews translate into page views. That is the power of social media.

There were many excellent guest posts during the month of June, and I’m amazed and thrilled that my post got so much traffic. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the article on StumbleUpon (even the negative reviews!), to everyone who commented, and to everyone who read the post.

Now if I can just figure out how to get that many page views on this blog!

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