Thank You for Your Comments

The second quarter of the year brought almost 300 comments from 192 commenters – about the same number of comments from more commenters than the first quarter of the year. The number of comments continues to amaze me since this blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

The comments have encouraged and educated my readers and me. I invite you to read the comments and add your own. You’ll find the conversation much more interesting and informative than just reading the posts.

While I appreciate every comment, I prefer to respond to “John, the Philadelphia Lawyer” rather than to “Philadelphia Lawyer” or to “Susie Smith, Beauty Consultant” rather than to “Chicago Beauty.” Replying to “Best Cooking School” just doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a real person. I will reply, but I won’t address you by “name” when your “name” is a keyword phrase.

As the About page says, first time commenters are moderated. Once a comment has been approved, future comments are not moderated as long as you use the same e-mail address and name. (Added 7/13/08: Also you must use the same URL; if you linked to your homepage on one comment and to a specific post on another, the second comment will be moderated.) I use moderation to try to avoid spam. Akismet has caught more than 78,000 spam comments, but several questionable comments appear in the moderation queue every day. If the comment relates in any way to the post, I approve it. If the comment is so generic that it looks like spam (“Nice post. Thanks.”), I delete it rather than mark it spam so if it’s a legimate comment, the person’s next comment will appear in moderation rather than go to spam. Of course, if it’s porn or other obvious spam, I mark it spam. I do NOT review all the comments in spam before deleting them. If you’ve left a comment and it didn’t appear, comment again or e-mail me. If you’re a real person leaving a real comment, I want to be sure your comment is posted.

I hope this list is accurate, but there is lots of room for errors in gathering this information and transferring it to a post. Please let me know about any errors or omissions.

Now … thanks to all commenters, especially to those who left many comments.

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Thank you again to everyone who has commented. If you haven’t commented before, I invite you to join the conversation. I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from your participation, and I know we’ll enjoy and benefit.

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