So You Want to Become a Freelance Writer? Part 4: Advice from the Pros

In this final installment in the freelance writing series, you’ll find lots of advice from freelance writing pros.

Getting Started

How I Launched My Freelance Writing Career – These are the steps that Melissa Donovan followed to start her business.

Make Money from Writing – Debbie Dragon offers freelance writing advice. You have to give your name and e-mail address, and you will receive e-mails that include solicitations for her coaching service along with some good advice.

Going freelance in a down economy – Susan Johnston tells why she chose to start her freelance business during a slow economy and why it might be the best time to go freelance.

Putting a Price on Your Capabilities: How to Set Your Fees as a Freelance Writer – This advice from Debra Jason will help you set your fees for freelance writing.

Building Your Business

Five Paramount Principles for Freelance Writing Success – Bob Younce reminds us that freelance writing is a business and shares five principles essential to success.

Five Step Plan for Setting and Achieving Goals for Your Freelance Writing Career – This plan from Jennifer Mattern gives you an outline to build your business. 

Tips for Slowly Building a Freelance Writing Career – Chris Bibey reminds us that business growth doesn’t have to be fast and furious.

Learn from the Best

Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2007/2008 – The list of winners in Michael Stelzner’s second annual contest includes some blogs not listed elsewhere in this series.

Top 60 Blogs for Freelance Writers – The category divisions in this list of 60 blogs compiled by Chad  will lead to blogs in your specialty.

Promoting Your Business

Why Every Freelance Writer Must Have a Blog – Ashwin explains why freelancers need to have blogs.

Setting up a Website or Blog: My Favorite Resources – Jennifer Mattern and I share only one favorite resource – WordPress – but the resources she recommends may be perfect for your needs.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Writing Business –  Colin Galbraith offers marketing advice for freelancers.

10 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Writing  – These tips from Michelle Vranizan Rafter are covered in other articles listed here but are organized into a single neat list. 

Ways to Market and Promote Yourself and Your Writing – Look through this collection of articles at Freelance Writing for articles of interest to you.

Paying Taxes as a Freelancer (added 6/4/08 as a result of a question in comments from Renae):

Taxes and Freelancing – Tax professional William Perez gives advice on taxes in a series of five articles

If you’re a beginning freelance writer, I hope you have found this series helpful. If you’re an experienced freelancer, please share your advice or links to other resources in comments.

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