Setting Boundaries in Freelance Writing: Just Say No, Re-Negotiate, or Fire the Client?

Writing blogs have offered a lot of advice recently about dealing with difficult clients, setting boundaries, turning down jobs, and firing clients.

Here are a few helpful posts and a snippet of wisdom from each:

Setting Priorities For Writing Work at Get Paid to Write Online – “Another key issue for freelancers is knowing when to say no. Sometimes it is better to say that you’re fully booked than to say yes and find that you’re overstretched.”

10 Reasons to Turn Down Freelance Writing Jobs at – “There are some very legitimate situations where turning down certain freelance writing gigs is a good move.”

Are Your Clients Hanging by a Thread? at Freelance Switch – “Don’t burn bridges.”

How to Breakaway from a Difficult Freelance Writing Client at ChrisBlogging – “Sometimes breaking away from a freelance writing client is easy, but other times you will be up against some resistance. But no matter what, make sure that you stay professional.”

Top 10 Ways to Fire the Client From Hell at Inside CRM – “Some clients are so bad that your business, not to mention your personal sanity, is better off without them.”

When It’s Over at Words on the Page – “While there are a few things you may want to handle that are not part of the original agreement, watch yourself. Don’t set a precedent.”

Ideally, we would never have to face situations in which we have to decide whether to just say no, re-negotiate, or fire the client. However, when we encounter these situations in the real world, the advice in the linked posts can help us make wise decisions.

If you have read – or written – a post that should be included in this list or if you have other advice about client relationships for freelancers, share it in a comment.

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