Inspiration: Two Heroes to Admire and Emulate

Stephen Hopson recently posted a powerful video on his blog Adversity University. Read what Stephen has to say about the video or just watch it below. I guarantee you will be touched, inspired, and motivated by Stephen’s story and his tribute to the teacher who changed his life.

Stephen reminds me of one of my clients. Richard Turner, aka The Cheat, has been called “the greatest card mechanic in the world.” He amazes audiences around the world with his feats – and often they don’t even realize he is totally blind! You can be amazed and inspired by watching a short video about Richard.

Richard wasn’t satisfied with being a world-renowned performer, an in-demand motivational speaker, a Black Belt in karate, and the recipient of a list of honors and awards as long as your arm. So he decided to become a writer. You can read a sample of his novel Re-Deal: A Miss Guided Adventure, for which he is currently seeking publication, on his Web site.

Thank you, Stephen and Richard, for inspiring us all.

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