Nothing Binding Update: Not for Published Authors Only

I’ve written about Nothing Binding before: Nothing Binding: Making a Connection between Readers and Writers and Nothing Binding Officially Launches. If you’ve gotten the idea I think this community for writers and readers will have a huge impact on marketing independently published books, you’re right.

Here’s an update from the NothingBinding.Com Newsletter:

Official Launch – We officially launched on September 1st, and have since then passed an important milestone – 1,000 titles! Keep spreading the word, the bigger we get, the more difference we can make.

Free book for members – NB will be providing a copy of Jerry Simmons’ manuscript, “What Writers Need to Know About Publishing” by Jerry Simmons. This 206 page manuscript is based on Mr. Simmons’ over 20 years of experience in traditional publishing, culminating as a Senior Executive with the Time Warner Book Group. Mr. Simmons is the founder of Nothing Binding and hopes that sharing his experiences in the trenches of traditional publishing will help as many writers as possible.

Don’t think Nothing Binding is only for published authors. Categories of “titles” include:

  • Published Book
  • Yet-to-be-Published Book
  • Book Idea or Concept
  • Screenplay
  • Blog
  • Short Story
  • Play
  • Music Review
  • Movie Review
  • Journalistic Content
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Journal
  • Poetry
  • Ad/Professional Copy
  • Essay
  • Cannot be Categorized

If you have a book coming out soon, listing it on Nothing Binding can be a great way to start advance buzz. If you’re wondering whether your idea will appeal to readers, you can put it out there and see what reaction you get. If you’d like to introduce your blog to a new audience, list it as a title … and get a free book about publishing in the process!

Note that you will not put your content directly on Nothing Binding. You will describe the project, share your inspiration, and link to other sites: to the source, such as a blog, if the content (or an excerpt/sample) is free or to an online store or author/publisher Web site if the publication is for sale. You can also add audio/video, such as book trailers.

If you’re a writer and haven’t joined Nothing Binding, I recommend you join and add your titles (books, blogs, other publications) and links today. More authors and titles will make the site more attractive for readers; more readers will lead to more sales.

Reminder to self: hurry over to Nothing Binding and list Dream or Destiny as a yet-to-be-published book!

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