A Humorous Look at My Pet Blogging Peeves

Mig Lica has posted 10 Ways to Make Your Fellow Bloggers Hate You at the Red Dog blog. Following her hilarious, ironic advice is a sure way to failure as a blogger.

Mig tagged other bloggers to add to the list. If you haven’t made the entire blogosphere hate you following Mig’s advice, check out Yvonne Russell’s additions at Grow Your Writing Business. You’ll make yourself a pariah in the blogging community very quickly.

If you want to get me to hate you … or at least click away to another blog … do one of my pet peeves:

  • Use partial feeds, preferably just a link to the post without even an excerpt to give me a clue of whether I want to read your post or not. Make me go to your blog to discover your post is on a topic of no interest to me.
  • Make it as difficult as possible for me to comment. Require me to sign up for Orble or WordPress or Typepad and login to make a comment. Stop me with a security challenge that people with good eyesight can’t read, much less someone with poor vision. Ask me to answer a question (2+2=_) to prove I’m not a spam robot.

Enjoy a good laugh from the tips on these lists, and if you’d rather be loved than hated, do just the opposite.

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