Historical fiction: As Shadows Fall

Grace Anne Schaefer – my friend since our first day of college, my writing mentor, and my client – has released the second book in her series The People of the Frozen Earth.

The books are set nearly two thousand years ago in the western US and tell the story of a semi-nomadic people facing the challenges of life in a world far different from ours.

Grace Anne’s books bring her people to life and make the reader realize the human emotions experienced by the people twenty centuries ago are very much the same as those of people today.

The new book, As Shadows Fall, stands alone, but I highly recommend you start with The New Day Dawns and follow The People of the Frozen Earth throughout the entire six-book series.

Grace Anne is working on Book 3 now … and I hope the time between Books 2 and 3 is shorter than between the first two books. Her schedule was interrupted by her heart surgery and her husband’s bladder cancer, and I’m praying that she doesn’t have to face those kinds of interruptions this time around.

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