A Milestone: 2500

When I started this blog, I couldn’t envision still blogging almost 18 years later or writing 2500 posts. Now for professional bloggers and large websites, 2500 posts may be a drop in the bucket. However, for an individual writer for whom blogging is a hobby, it’s a lot. That’s an average of about 140 posts a year or 12 a month or 3 a week.

I’ve gone long periods without blogging when I was caring for my late husband or when I was incapacitated with illness myself. At other times, I’ve blogged prolifically. When I first started posting Advent and Lent devotionals, I posted devotions daily. Later, though, I just posted links to download the PDFs or buy the print books.

Although my original intention had been to post primarily about books and writing, looking at a list of all my posts reveals that there are more pieces in Christian than any other category. One reason, of course, is the individual devotionals, but I have a lot of other Christian posts as well.

At various times, I have written series on topics that couldn’t be covered in one article. Some series have been combined into PDFs or ebooks.

One of my favorite things about blogging in the early days was the camaraderie among bloggers. Unlike today, with millions of blogs online, the blogging community was relatively small, and we tended to interact with each other’s blogs. Readers also interacted with bloggers in comments. Now most of the interactions have moved to social media, and we don’t visit blogs nearly as much as we used to. We post links to our blog posts on social media, and that’s where comments are made. Several years ago, I inactivated the comment feature here, because I was spending too much time moderating comments, most of which were spam.

I enjoyed writing the series and would be happy to do so again if I had a good feel for what readers are seeking. With so many blogs and social media, there is a deluge of information on just about any subject. Posts from an unknown author on an obscure blog are unlikely to get any attention. Even so, I intend to continue blogging as I enjoy it. I hope a few people have found some of my posts helpful.

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