Lenten Devotional: I Am the Lord

Not all Christian denominations formally observe Lent, but all Christians can do so. Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, is a time of fasting and repentance in preparation for Easter. Believers may fast food, often “giving up” meat one day a week or one meal a day or a specific type of food, such as sweets, throughout the season. Christians, in addition to or in lieu of, fasting, may add worship or devotions to their daily habits throughout Lent.

Usually during Lent and Advent, a less-severe penitential season leading up to Christmas, I add a seasonal Bible reading plan to my devotions. Each day, I read the daily passage, then write a brief meditation and prayer. Years ago, I started sharing my personal meditations the following year. At first, I posted them on my blog, then I offered them as a free PDF download. In recent years, I published the devotionals in a paperback book that I sold to raise money for Love for the Least, a movement with the mission, as described on its website, “to bring the Good News of the Kingdom to the world’s least, sharing Jesus’ hope and love with them.”

This year, because of my frequent and serious illnesses in recent months, I had to forego the print book and revert to distributing a PDF devotional.

May His blessings abound in your time alone with the Lord as you meditate on I Am the Lord.

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