I’m Back … and Hope to Stay!

The Past Two Months

I hope you’ve missed me for the last couple of months. I have spent most of that time in the hospital or rehabilitation. I collapsed at the end of August after I woke up feeling weak. In spite of the fact that I had been feeling very well, better than I had in a long time, I apparently had an infection that showed no symptoms. When it got into my bloodstream, I suddenly became very ill with sepsis.

After a week in the hospital, much of it in ICU, I was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for physical and occupational rehabilitation.

Physiotherapist Assisting Woman While Doing Exercise With Yellow Exercise Band

When I went home after five weeks, I (and my therapists) thought I was strong enough to handle daily activities. After six days, though, I became very ill with another infection. Back to the hospital I went for a week. This time I was strong enough for rehabilitation at the hospital. I spent ten days there with a vigorous regimen of therapy three hours a day.

When I got home, I felt great and was excited to return to my normal routine. With twenty-four hours, though, I again sickened with horrific nausea and vomiting. Another three days, and I’m home again–this time to stay, I pray!

The Future

My plan is to stay home with my home health nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist all visiting me twice a week. The rest of my time, I intend to return to my normal activities.

The most important project I’m working on is the novel I was writing before I got sick. At the time, I was taking an online class to learn enough about a key element of the story to portray it accurately. I’m eager to finish my research and continue with my writing.

Look for a new post from either me or a guest blogger once or twice a week. Thank you for not giving up me!

 Image: AndreyPopov/Depositphotos.com

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