The Parables of Jesus: Lenten Devotionals

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Lent is a forty-day season of penitence leading to Easter. Many Christians fast or give up something as a Lenten discipline. Adding extra devotions is another Lenten discipline practiced by many believers.

Each year I choose a special Bible reading plan for Lent. I read the assigned Scripture passage and journal my personal reflections and a prayer. The following year, I publish my personal meditations from the previous Lent.

This year, my Lenten devotionals are The Parables of Jesus.

People like stories, and stories can teach while they entertain. Often listeners pay more attention to stories than to sermons. Perhaps they understand them more easily; maybe they like being entertained. Sometimes they don’t realize there’s a lesson to be learned as they enjoy the entertaining elements of the story.

Jesus taught in stories known as parables. A parable is a short story designed to convey a moral truth through the story. Jesus told parables about everyday experiences of his listeners. The people could easily identify with the characters and events in Jesus’ stories and understood the lessons without Jesus explicitly stating the truths he was teaching.

These forty-seven devotionals (for the forty days of Lent, the six Sundays in Lent, and Easter) include a Scripture, typically a parable told by our Lord, a short meditation on the Scripture, and a brief prayer. Each daily devotion is short but impactful.

If you want to add a spiritual discipline during Lent, read and meditate on the stories Jesus told. Learn the lessons He has hidden in plain sight within the parable. May His blessings abound in your time alone with the Lord.

For each copy sold, I will donate the full price of the book ($8.00) to Love for the Least.

Love for the Least is a MOVEMENT born from the nearly twenty years’ missionary work of its first field workers, dozens of church partners in the US and West from a broad range of traditions and thousands of Believers who pray daily and invest in God’s Kingdom. The mission of L4L is to bring the Good News of the Kingdom to the world’s least, sharing Jesus’ hope and love with them. There are more than 3 billion people on planet, forty percent of all the word’s People Groups, with no access to the Gospel.
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