Valentine’s Day Love Poems

My late husband Jack and I dated more than fifty years ago, during a time when people wrote letters on paper and mailed them with a stamp in the Post Office. No expensive long-distance phone calls, no emails, no texts.

Although I’m not much of a poet, through the months I was away at school, I sometimes wrote love poems in my letters.

On this Valentine’s Day, more than seven years after his death, Jack is still the love of my life. I miss him every day, so in his memory, I’m sharing a few of my favorite poems I wrote for him.

To Jack

The heart can feel more deeply than the intellect can express.
My love for you could never be adequately conveyed by words.
Yet I feel compelled to attempt to convey my love, and words are my only tools.
Though my attempts are feeble, they are made in the deepest sincerity.
So let your heart be your guide and know that I love you.

Love is not an accident;
Man is not wise enough to plan it—
Therefore, it must be ordained of God.


I’ll love you forever—
From now until eternity;
Darling, I’ll be true.

A devoted helpmate ever,
Your constant companion I’ll be,
For I love you.

My soul fills with emotion,
Tears of joy down my cheeks flow,
For your love.

Time lessens not my devotion;
Daily my love will grow,
For you I love.

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