Today is our fifty-first wedding anniversary. We were together forty-five years before God called Jack home in 2012.

This morning, a friend took me to visit Jack’s grave then to lunch. I came home and re-read Jack Stories: Favorite Memories of Jack Jordan Ammann Jr., the book of stories about my late husband that I compiled and edited after his death.

I always knew how extraordinary he was, but I realize I’m a tad bit biased. I was so blessed with family and friends sharing stories about his impact on their lives that I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the anecdotes. Working on the book helped me through the early months after his death, and re-reading the stories periodically blesses me anew each time.

People who didn’t know Jack enjoy the stories, which bring smiles, tears, and laughter. Re-living these precious memories is a wonderful way for me to commemorate this day.

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