Love Poems

When I read the love letters that Jack and I wrote each other during the school year between our engagement and our marriage, I was surprised at the poetry I found in my letters. I have never considered myself a poet, and I didn’t remember writing so many poems.

The boxes of letters also contained cards I had made for Jack for different occasions. One was a booklet with several poems, and the poems from that booklet follow.

To the best of my knowledge, these are poems I wrote during my senior year of college and are shown here exactly as they appeared in the booklet. I quoted various poets in my letters, but I always noted in the letters if the poems were original or mentioned the poet if they weren’t. Since I didn’t include any attribution on the ones in this card, I can only assume they are mine.

To Jack

The heart can feel more deeply than the intellect can express.
My love for you could never be adequately conveyed by words.
Yet I feel compelled to attempt to convey by love, and words are my only tools.
Though my attempts are feeble, they are made in the deepest sincerity.
So let your heart be your guide and know that I love you.

Love is not an accident;
Man is not wise enough to plan it—
Therefore, it must be ordained of God.

Love Is

Love is … the gentle holding of hands
the tender brushing of lips
the soulful gazing of eyes

It is … the simple expressing of care
the rich giving of self
the deep sharing of life

What If?

What if we’d accepted the tyranny of habit?
What if we’d been unwilling to change?
What if Time had dealt with us cruelly?
What if we’d dreaded the new and the strange?

Our lives would be empty and meaningless—
Full of nothingness, monotony, and void.
Alone we would be—not together—
If with Fate we had not toyed.

But, Darling, we never accepted
The shackles of our own past.
Fate timed our lives very gently,
And we have a love that will last.

I thank God daily for blessings
That fill my life day by day.
And the greatest blessing, My Darling,
Is God sending you my way.

I Believe

I believe in beauty,
for I have seen the beautiful;
I believe the truth,
for I have known the truth;
I believe in faith,
for my faith has been restored;
I believe in hope,
for my hope has been fulfilled.

I believe that life is good,
for life has been good to me;
I believe that wishes do come true,
for my wishes are coming true;
I believe that miracles do happen,
for miracles have happened to me;
I believe that love is real,
for my life is filled with love.

The beauty I have seen is in our love;
The truth is in it too.
You have restored my faith, My Love,
And my hopes are fulfilled by you.

The goodness of life you have shown me;
My wishes are all about you;
The miracles I know are you and our love;
And the love that we share is true.


Fairy tales are possible;
Dreams—they can come true;
Wishes are to be fulfilled;
And mine came true in you.

You have made the impossible possible;
You have made the unreal real;
You have given hope to the hopeless;
You have taught the unfeeling to feel.

It is you who loves me,
And you are the one I love;
You are my inspiration—
My miracle from above.

Fairy tales, dreams, and wishes,
Mine came true in you;
Please believe in me, My Love,
As I believe in you.

Because of You

Because of you, my world is filled with kindness;
Because of you, my life is filled with joy;
Because of you, my dreams are filled with hope;
Because of you, my heart is filled with love.

Life is beautiful, because of you;
Joy is eternal, because of you;
Dreams are attainable, because of you;
Love is real, because of you.

Looking Back

I looked back, and what did I see?
A life of meaningless drudgery,
Empty relationships, hopeless dreams.
Then I met you.

Now I look back, and what do I see?
I see a life of meaningful activity,
Beautiful relationship, fulfilled dreams,
For I love you.


I’ll love you forever—
From now until eternity;
Darling, I’ll be true.

A devoted help-mate ever,
Your constant companion I’ll be,
For I love you.

My soul fills with emotion,
Tears of joy down my cheeks flow,
For your love.

Time lessens not my devotion;
Daily my love will grow,
For you I love.

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