Smashwords 2014 Summer/Winter Promotion

JackStories-FrontCover-hires-264x400.jpgSmashwords is holding its annual Summer/Winter Promotion throughout the month of July. Folks in the northern hemisphere can stock on ebooks to read on vacation, while those in the southern hemisphere will find lots of great books to curl up with in front of a nice fire. Whether it’s summer or winter where you live, you can find thousands of ebooks discounted 25%, 50%, 75%—or even 100% (free!).

All of the books I have published myself are included in the sale.

The following short how-to books are free during the promotion:

  • Creating Fictional Characters
  • Finding the Information You Need: Research Tips for Your Family, Business, or Personal Pursuits
  • Preserving Memories: How to Write a Family History
  • The Secrets of Fantastic Houseplants

The following books are half-price:

  • Fern’s Fancies (contemporary romance novel): When Fern Tate sold her interior landscape company to a national corporation, she didn’t expect to have a boss like Pendleton Morgenthal, III. Had she made the biggest mistake of her life? Pen never allowed a woman—especially a subordinate—to distract him from his fast-track career. What was it about Fern that made her different?
  • Jack Stories: Favorite Memories of Jack Jordan Ammann Jr (nonfiction anecdotes about a “colorful character”): Jack Jordan Ammann Jr. touched many lives with his generosity, strong personality, loyalty, kindness, and humor. After Jack’s death, friends shared their favorite “Jack stories,” funny and serious, short and long. Enjoy favorite memories of a special man.

The novelette Trapped by Love is always free on Smashwords.

I hope you’ll visit Smashwords and take advantage of the sale. I know I’m going to stock up on some great reads!

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