Remembering Jack

Today I am remembering Jack. Of course, I remember him every single day, but I’m remembering more than usual because we would have been married 47 years today. I’ve re-read Jack Storiesand enjoyed laughter, smiles, and tears as I read stories his friends told about him. I love these stories because they remind of just how special Jack was and how caring and funny and loyal his friends and family are. A new friend read the book recently, and she thoroughly enjoyed it, even though she had never met Jack.

Several people told me that Jack’s obituary was the best they ever read. I described him this way in the obituary: A dedicated husband, a loyal friend, and a patriotic American, Jack was smart, funny, opinionated, assertive, upbeat, generous, tenacious, independent, determined, self-confident, perfectionistic, and unconventional.

Here’s a short excerpt from my sister’s contribution to Jack Stories.

Jack’s philosophy was it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Once when we were taking care of the plants at a Mama’s restaurant in Austin, the technician was using a ladder to reach plants in planters all the way up the wall. The ladder slipped, and she fell and broke her elbow. To ensure safety Jack decided that he would drill a hole in the “foot” of the ladder and in the floor and place a large nail through the holes to hold the ladder in place. He walked into the restaurant with a drill, placed the ladder in the appropriate place, and proceeded to drill a hole in the floor. Soon enough, the manager walked in demanding to know what was going on. Jack calmly explained what he was doing. He then placed a chair leg over the hole and said, “See, you can’t even see it.” The manager turned and walked away, and it was never an issue.

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