Jack Stories: One Year Later

My late husband, Jack, always loved his birthdays. Usually we got together with family members at a favorite restaurant and enjoyed food, fun, and fellowship.

When he died in September of 2012, we had been planning an 80th birthday party for him. Family and friends shared so many wonderful stories about Jack in the days following his death that I compiled them into a little book: Jack Stories: Favorite Memories of Jack Jordan Ammann Jr. Combining the stories with Jack’s 80th birthday, we celebrated his life and launched the book in a party in our home last year in honor of his birthday.

Although I confess I am just slightly biased, I highly recommend Jack Stories, even to readers who didn’t know Jack. The book includes funny stories and inspiring stories, short stories and long stories, stories Jack told and stories others told about him. I’ve had so many people tell me how much the book means to them, and that means so much to me.

I would also love to get a few reviews of the book on Amazon.com and Goodreads. It’s somewhat ironic that I reviewed 220 books in 2013, but I can’t get reviews of this book of my heart after giving away more than 100 copies.  If you have read and enjoyed Jack Stories, please share your opinions with others. If you haven’t read the book but would like to read and review, please contact me for a review copy.

Last year at this time, we were enjoying the party.

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