January is National Book Month

Dec 22/10 Unpacking and sorting booksJanuary is National Book Month or National Book Blitz Month—or maybe not.

I’ve seen one of those two designations on several places, including John Kremer’s Book Marketing.  The articles I found were from previous years, and everything about “Book Blitz Month” seem to be a marketing gimmick for a couple of booksellers.

Although I haven’t found anything about who sponsors National Book Month or the purpose of it, I’m always ready to celebrate books! So I’m going to encourage everyone to add to their book collections and read more books in January. In fact, “read more” is a New Year’s resolution I’ll love to keep.

Whether you read free books online, buy print books, or purchase ebooks for your ebook reader, spend a little extra time with books this month.

Of course, if you need recommendations for great books—fiction and nonfiction, print and ebooks—look no further. Browse around my website, and you’ll find:

That should keep you busy for January! Happy National Book Month!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jude Doyland

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