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I’m featured in an interview at  Apex Reviews’ Above the Fold. Hope you click over and read it!

Apex Reviews also recently reviewed Dream or Destiny.  

Dream Or Destiny
Lillie Ammann
ISBN: 9781933869032
GASLight Publishing
Reviewed By Josee Morgan
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 stars

Marilee Anderson wakes one morning from a horrendous dream, one about a murder so horrific and terrifying, she could swear it was real…to her dismay, not only does she soon discover that it was – she also learns that she’s been named a suspect in the crime. So, she teams up with the victim’s brother – who finds himself similarly accused in his sister’s death – and the two of them launch their own investigation in order to solve the mystery of the gruesome homicide…if they’re not careful, though, their fevered quest to clear their names may ultimately cost them their lives…

Taut and fast-paced, Dream Or Destiny is an entertaining thriller. In it, author Lillie Ammann merges vivid characters with a twisting, tortuous storyline in fostering a page-turning mystery sure to keep readers rapt until the shocking conclusion. Furthermore, Ammann throws in just enough red herring to preserve the suspense of her tale, repeatedly tricking readers into believing that they’ve solved the mystery long before the sinister truth is finally revealed. Such a feat is not an easy one to pull off, but the engrossing appeal of Dream Or Destiny is living proof that Ammann is more than up to the task.

Surprisingly engaging, Dream Or Destiny is a highly satisfying read.

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