A Chuckle from Spam

Regan MilesDoes anyone really think I will approve comments like the ones below?

The same comments were left a dozen times on different posts using different first names but the same URL, coming from the same IP address.

The worst part is that these comments have been cycling through several Web sites. First they’re left by a bunch of first names with the URL of Site A, then the same comments are left by another dozen or so first names from Site B, then on to Site C …

I understand that one writer may write for many blogs and even use different names on different sites for the anonymity of the clients. I often see comments from different names and different URLs coming from the same IP address one after another. As long as the comments are relevant and a real name is used (even if it is a pseudonym), I approve and respond to the comments.

However, leaving the same nonsensical comment over and over using different names is a waste of time—the commenter’s and mine! It’s obvious the commenter is trying to be relevant by using my name, but actually talking about flowers or plants (and spelling it wrong for that usage).  I have to shake my head and chuckle when I read these and thought these silly spam comments might give you a chuckle, too. 🙂

Note added 8/7/10 as a result of comments: Yes, folks, I do know about Akismet. Thanks to everyone who recommended it, but I already use it, and it’s caught 282,000+ spam comments in less than two years. However, sometimes legitimate comments end up in spam, so if there aren’t a lot of spam comments (generally less than 50) when I moderate comments, I skim through the spam checking for legitimate comments. I don’t typically read spam, but I couldn’t help but notice this new pattern of the same comments left over and over again.  

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Luciano Meirelles

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