Why Do So Many Keywords Visit My Blog?

As anyone who has looked around this blog knows, I love comments and commenters. Leave a comment, and you will get a PR4 DoFollow link. You can include keywords along with your name using KeywordLuv. Your last blog post will be shown by CommentLuv. And at the end of the month, you’ll get another link in the monthly thank-you to commenters.  

All I ask in return, as spelled out in my comment policy, is that you leave a relevant comment, link to a site that is appropriate for my audience, and leave a name or nickname.

Yet every day, I send several otherwise legitimate comments to spam  because there is only a keyword phrase rather than a name in the name field. Obvious spam doesn’t bother me as much as relevant comments left by keywords.

The commenters can read and write. They read the posts and respond appropriately. Why won’t they read the comment policy, which is not only spelled out on the comment page but also both above and below the name field in the comment box?  

Any suggestions on what else I can do so I can approve more comments rather than sending them to spam?

Added as a result of comments: Be sure to read the comments. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • People may be missing the comment policy because of “selective attention,” explained by Dave in a comment with a link to a fascinating demonstration in a video.
  • Commenters may not understand how KeywordLuv works. They may think their name appears in the link, and they want a keyword link only. What they don’t realize is if they leave their name and keywords as instructed, they will get a link of the keywords only.  Of course, trying to get by with doing what they want rather than what I ask shows they don’t have much respect for my policy, so I don’t hesitate to mark their comment spam.

There is a great conversation taking place in comments. Join in!

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