The Apprentice Who Won’t Be Fired

For some time, I have wanted to have someone to help me in very busy times and to fill in for me if I’m unable to work. Finding that person proved to be a challenge. There are many writers, editors, Web designers, book designers, and administrative workers who are much better than I am. However, there aren’t many with the combination of skills that my clients count on—or even the interest in developing those skills.

Then my friend Linda Farley introduced me to Beverly Ellison. Beverly has more than 25 years of experience as an administrative, human resources, and corporate training professional. She owns Administrative Support Services, providing virtual assistance, consulting, administrative, desktop publishing, and training services. She is an excellent writer and editor and eager to learn about publishing and Web design. In addition to being highly skilled and motivated, Beverly is a lovely lady who will be a delight to work with. She shares my Christian faith, and we believe God brought us together.

I am excited to announce that Beverly is now my apprentice while she continues to operate her own business. She will be working with me on specific projects that will benefit from her experience, as well as learning new skills so that she will eventually be able to handle any project for my clients.

Beverly is starting a blog on her Web site and will be writing guest posts here from time to time.  Please welcome her and share our excitement.

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