Book Review: With God There Is Hope for Humanity

With God There Is Hope: Hope for Humanity
Ellen Chaksil
Tribute Books
Copyright 2007
ISBN: 978-0-979-5045-1-8
Paperback, 472 pages $17.95; Also available in electronic editions
Christian Nonfiction

I have procrastinated on this review for months, and I’m still having a hard time writing it because of my mixed reactions.

First, I greatly admire the author’s faith and her commitment to carrying out the mission she believes God gave her. She has worked on this mission for decades.

Her message about the power of prayer resonates with me, as I have experienced the power of prayer strongly in my own life as described in several posts.

On the other hand, I am confused about much of the book. She is calling the all believers to prayer, yet the focus of the book is strongly Roman Catholic.  She prophesies that we need to pray for the salvation of humanity from an asteroid hitting the earth and destroying the planet. Yet her descriptions of the impending disaster are so vague that it didn’t rally me to pray about this, though others may react differently.

Much of the book describes her experiences in trying to carrying out the mission and get the book published by a New York publisher where her brother works, yet the book was self-published in the end with no explanation of what happened in the meantime. I found myself wanting to skip over the parts of the book about the journey to publication and focus on the message she was delivering.

Although I attempted to make contact with the author through her publicist, the author is apparently unavailable because of health or personal reasons so I was unable to interview her.

I was left with more questions than answers after reading this book. Others may find it more understandable than I did. In spite of not understanding much about the book, I came away with a respect for a woman who lives out her faith and promotes the power of prayer.

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