Exciting News: Always Keepers Press

After I had a stroke several years ago, I couldn’t read for several months. Having been an avid reader all my life, I was devastated until I discovered audio books. Although I didn’t expect to enjoy hearing a book as much as I enjoyed reading a book, I did.

Now, I’m very excited about a new audio publishing company—Always Keepers Press, founded by author Donna Wright. The company opens today with the launch of its first book, Between a Clutch and a Hard Place by Gayle Trent.

Myrtle Crumb buys a purse from a consignment shop and finds a note inside. The note leads her to believe something bad might have happened to the purse’s previous owner, so she investigates.

I enjoyed this book when I read it several years ago, and I know the audio version will be just as great.

Gayle will be here next Saturday, February 27th for an interview. On Wednesday, March 3rd, I’ll interview Donna about starting her new publishing company.

One more exciting bit of news: Always Keepers Press will release my mystery novel Dream or Destiny in audio in April!

I’m thrilled that Dream or Destiny will be available in audio, and I’m thrilled to be part of this great new publishing company.

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