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bookshelfApril L. Hamilton has posted An Indie Call to Action at her Indie Author blog. She’s started a campaign for indie (self-published and small-press published) authors to support each other and independent publishing.


Find an indie book you LOVE, from an author to whom you have no connection.

Then she recommends that you spread the word about the book in your own sphere of influence: Twitter, social networks, blog, word of mouth. Post positive reviews of the book at every site where the book can be purchased as well as on reader community sites such as Goodreads. Give the book to family and friends for Christmas.

I like April’s idea. Though I haven’t focused in on one author, I have supported fellow indie authors through the years. Most of the books I review here are published by the author or a small press. I personally read a lot of indie books. I will publish more reviews of indie books at Goodreads. I started posting reviews there only a few months ago and have a lot more books to enter.

Though I do have a connection to many of the indie authors I support, I always disclose if the author is a client or a friend. Some of my favorite authors were unknown to me when I first read their books, but we’ve since connected.

What do you think of April’s campaign? Are you an indie author? Do you read indie books?

Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite indie book or author.

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