Freelance Rates Survey Ends Next Week

questionI’ve been running a freelance writing and editing rates survey for several weeks but haven’t had a great deal of response. My goal is to have statistically significant information for my two-part series scheduled for the third week in November.

The survey is anonymous, quick, and easy. There are only six multiple-choice questions:

  • How long have you freelanced part-time or full-time?
  • What kind of freelancer are you—writer, editor, both?
  • How do you find freelance jobs?
  • How do you price your work—hourly, project, bid, etc.?
  • What is your standard hourly or word rate?
  • Do you post your rates?
  • An optional seventh question gives you the opportunity to add comments and further information.

    If you are a freelance writer or editor—part-time or full-time—and have not already done so, please take the survey by Wednesday, November 12. Then come back the following week for the series on pricing, including the results of the survey.

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