Make a Comment and I’ll Make a Donation

DVAMAs I’ve mentioned in earlier posts in this series, I will donate  $5 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) for every copy of Dream or Destiny sold during the month of October.

However, not everyone who reads and comments here is interested in my book. I can’t imagine why—it’s the Great American Novel, and if you enjoy reading my blog, you must like my writing style. 🙂 If you don’t enjoy reading romance or mystery yourself, surely someone on your Christmas list would love a romantic mystery novel personally signed for them. But, alas, as difficult as it is for me to imagine, some of you don’t want my book. 🙁 And some of you already have a copy. 🙂

Those of you who don’t want to read or give my book can still support the fight against domestic violence simply by leaving a relevant comment.  For every relevant comment left on any post in this series by midnight Central Time on October 31, 2009, I will add $5 to my donation to NDVH.

Dream&FernYou can still order Dream or Destiny and leave a comment. I will donate $10 ($5 for your purchase and $5 for your comment). I will also send you a free romance e-book, Fern’s Fancies.

National Domestic Violence Month is coming to an end, but unfortunately the serious problem isn’t going away—yet. Let’s do all we can to bring an end of domestic violence.

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