Domestic Violence and You

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to an end, I hope you have learned more about this serious problem. But, as one reader asked in a comment on an earlier post in this series, the question is this: What can we do?

Here are some suggestions on how you and I can help:

  • Be aware: know what domestic violence is and understand the pervasiveness and seriousness of the problem.
  • Know the signs of abuse and be alert for them in people you know.
  • Take action if you see signs that make you suspect someone is being abuse.
  • Find resources and more resources and even more resources.
  • Join the Million Voices Campaign to help raise awareness and advocate for the cause.
  • Contribute to organizations that work to raise awareness, prevent abuse, and support victims.
  • Comment (with a relevant comment using a real name) on this or any post in this series by midnight Central time October 31, 2009, and I will donate $5 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH). Order a copy of Dream or Destiny, and I will donate another $5 to NDVH.

No one should live in fear or die at the hands of someone who is supposed to love them.

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