Free E-Books for Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week is here … and with it the chance for you to learn more about e-books and to  download free e-books. Let’s start with free e-books—everybody likes free—then we’ll get to resources to learn more about e-books.

During this week, I am offering a free e-book to each of my visitors.

Some of my clients are providing limited numbers of copies of their e-books:

I am offering an unlimited number of my own e-books:

Just leave a comment indicating your first, second, and third choices for your free e-book. I will e-mail you the e-book (typically a zip file containing several different e-book formats) within one business day. You must request your free e-book during Read an E-Book Week 2009, no later than Saturday, March 14th. Though I will give you your first choice if possible, the e-books in limited supply will be distributed in the order the request is received in comments.

Visit the Read an E-Book Partners page to find more free e-books from publishers and authors.

The following sites give away free e-books all the time:

You can find even more free e-books by going to your favorite search engine and typing in “free e-books.”

If you’d like to know more about e-books, check out the following articles.

On the Read an E-Book site, you will find:

You will find a number of articles on my blog about e-books, including the following.

General E-Book Information:

Electronic Reading Devices:

Publishing E-Books:

In closing, let me share a few of the things I like best about reading e-books:

  • Reading electronically is easier on my aging, stroke-damaged eyes because I can adjust the font to a size large enough for me to read easily; eInk in Kindle and other e-book reading devices creates an excellent reading experience.
  • Holding my Kindle or eBookWise reader is more comfortable than trying to holding a print book (especially a hard cover book) open with arthritic hands.
  • I can carry dozens or hundreds of books in the palm of my hand, which is especially beneficial when traveling.
  • E-books are more environmentally friendly than print books, especially considering that a third of all books printed end up in land fills without ever being read.
  • I find innovative, entertaining, and informative books from small, electronic publishers that often don’t follow the mold of books from traditional publishers.
  • Many e-books, especially classics, are available for free, and e-books from independent publishers usually cost much less than print books, allowing me to buy more books on my budget.

I read e-books almost exclusively, but many people prefer print. Do any of the benefits listed above attract your interest? Many readers find that reading e-books—once a week, once a month, or once a year—adds to their reading enjoyment and  saves them money while preserving trees. Hope you Read an E-book this week!

Don’t forget to leave your comment with your first, second, and third choices of e-books. If you request one of my books, Dream or Destiny or Stroke of Luck, you don’t need to include any other choices, as there are no limits on how many of these I will give away.

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