Read an E-Book Week Next Week

Read an E-Book WeekNext week is Read an E-Book Week.

Come back on and comment on the post of Monday, March 9 for a chance to win a free e-book.

Visit my previous post about Read an E-Book Week for a list of titles. Include your first, second, and third choices in your comment.

Why am I excited about Read an E-Book Week? Because I’ve been a fan of e-books since my first novel, Stroke of Luck, was published in 1999.

I’ve described before how editors from traditional publishing houses told me “no one wants to read about a cripple” when I submitted Stroke of Luck. The heroine of this romance novel has had a  stroke and is in a wheelchair. Then a friend of mine e-mailed me that she’d heard about a new e-publisher who was seeking manuscripts with disabled characters. I submitted my manuscript, and the publisher accepted my story right away. Until that time, I had never read an e-book. I decided if my book was going to be available only as an e-book, I should read a few e-books so I wouldn’t be completely ignorant.

Today, I read e-books almost exclusively. Not that I have anything against print books. I think there is room for both e-books and print e-books in the marketplace.  The primary reason I don’t read many print books is because reading on my Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device is easier for my aging, stroke-damaged eyes.

Another reason I read e-books is that I find many great, innovative books available only from small, independent electronic publishers. I can find cross-genre books more easily from e-publishers than from traditional print publishers. I can  find books that are just a little—or a whole lot—different. 

I’m not suggesting you give up reading print books if you enjoy them. I am suggesting that you try something different if you’ve never anything but print books. Read an E-Book!

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